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Warranty Information

All products that have been hand-modified by us come with a warranty ranging from 1 year to a lifetime for custom orders only. This warranty specifically covers damages resulting from natural causes.

However, please be aware of the following:

  • Warranty coverage is exclusively for the original individual who placed the custom order.

  • Samples and prototype products are not covered by our warranty.


Additionally, if you personally modify the effects pedal, such as soldering or removing parts, or if you open a non-battery-operated pedal, charges will apply. We ask for your understanding in these matters.

For any further questions or inquiries, please contact us via 'MAIL'.







Crazy Rock'n'roll Effecter   ?

Since 2012, our passion-driven guitar effects brand has been on the rise.

Our journey led us to the studios and stages of seasoned musicians, where we gained invaluable insights into the very essence of sound. Building on this experience, we delved deep into electronics, dedicating considerable time and effort into each pedal, crafting them with precision and heart.

Whether you're a studio musician, a seasoned professional with years under your belt, a pedal enthusiast, or a budding guitarist just starting out, we are committed to helping you achieve the finest sound possible.

Each of our products is handcrafted. While we can't mass-produce, we take pride in this artisan approach. Admittedly, the handmade nature might not always equate to perfection, but we're continually refining our craft, inspired and supported by our community.

Regarding our products, specifications for pro models and signature models might change without prior notice as we relentlessly pursue superior quality. We kindly ask for your understanding.








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